Kali Desktop Experience for Windows
Kali linux Windows subsystem for linux Prajwal August 19, 2020

Kali Desktop Experience for Windows

Kali Linux is giving its Windows Subsystem for Linux(WSL 2) users an automated Xfce graphical desktop environment Win-KeX . This removes need for remote desktop clients or xClients or out of box scripts. Just typing in kex or clicking on the button, Win-KeX will give us a persistent-session GUI.

Install Win-KeX via: sudo apt update && sudo apt install kali-win-kex

Run Win-KeX via: kex

Stop Win-Kex via on WSL2 Terminal: kex stop

Stop Kali Desktop by pressing F8 fn key and selecting Exit Viewer option on the TigerVNC menu.

you can find more information about Win-Kex on kali-docs and bleeping computer blog

Win-Kex is only for WSL 2, please update your windows 10 version to support WSL2 and then the WSL version.

One issue by running without any custom settings is that Tiger Vnc occupies fullscreen by default on all monitors, which could be removed in current session by disabling full screen mode on all monitors in options menu which is display on pressing F8 Fn key. But this setting could not be stored for later GUI spawns

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