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Build, Develop, and Collaborate on innovative designs.

Our Story

Started in 2020, At Yayin, we believe that collaboration with the community encourages our product designs while working and experimenting on our innovative ideas in computing and electronics.

  • Makers
  • Training
circuit silicon art


Although we are product-driven, we sporadically offer below services designed to help any business or its products.

  • Web Development
  • Mobile Apps
  • Hunt and Fix
  • Analyze Risks

What We Accomplished

Products, Clients, and Projects, which we are currently working on or designed and developed in the last few months.

A Washedup Nerd Blog

We designed this blog to aggregate curated learning resources mined from open internet for Java, Python, Javascript, other tech stacks, and information security titbits. We also maintain the Blog content and follow the blog for updates on products developed at Yayin.

We also talk about opensource technologies for blogging and hosting web content in Indo-Aryan and Dravidian languages. A subdomain of the blog covers learning resources for IELTS and other English Language Tests.

Makers Products

Mechanical keyboards with primary layouts in regional indian languages.

Our Team

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Full Stack Developers, Programmers, Educators, and Information Security Researchers.

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